Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart

CEO of Nowcasting & IActing Studios

Bob is an entrepreneurial spirit who believes in the “ripple effect”. If you do something positive that will help others, people will be drawn to it and you will be successful. Do something because you HAVE to do it, not because you think it will make money.

He is the Co-Founder of Now Casting and IActing Studios in Burbank, California.

IActing Studios is the first to offer high quality online training to actors from some of Hollywood’s top Master Teachers. We have hundreds of hours of On Demand classes for all types and levels of actors, Virtual Classes with students from around the world and One-on-One Classes.

Bob is the founder and CEO of Now Casting. Now Casting revolutionized the way actors got jobs in Los Angeles and the world. Under Bob’s guidance they were the first company to provide actors access to high paying, high profile union jobs through electronic submissions. ┬áNow Casting is now the premier Actor Services company in Los Angeles with the widest variety of support services for actors all over the globe.