Ryan Glasgow

Ryan Glasgow

Mills Kaplan Entertainment Talent Manager

Always been an artist! First acting, then music, then “grew up” and got a job as an Agent at TalentworksLA, working alongside the legendary Bonnie Liedtke (Discovered Leo Dicaprio and Hillary Swank), and while at her side we signed and developed the actors you know today as, Zac Effron, Corbin Bleu, James Franco, Donald Faison, Chad Michael Murray, Ben Foster, Selma Blair, Mena Souvari, and many others.

I also got to work in the adult division of Talentworks with legends like William Shatner, Farrah Fawcett while helping to develop and discover names like Chelsea Handler, Joel McCale, Eric Stonestreet and Randall Park. Left agenting in 2003 for a life of Manager/Producer/Teacher and continue to do all three of those jobs to this day.

As a manager at Mills Kaplan Entertainment I represent a few working actors (see IMDB) and many developmental clients that I believe in. My resume as a teacher spans almost 18 years.

FACT: As an agent I needed my clients to book jobs… and they were not! At that time in my career, I had myself been an actor, as well as the person who was on the phones HEARING about auditions from the casting directors I spoke with. I had also been auditioned AT tens of thousands of times! Believe me I know a good audition when I see one! So I combined my skills and my unique insight and perspective to create what I think is a perfect way to audition!

My current career goals are to create a strong competitive community of actors who know how to audition as well as market themselves using all of the opportunities that today’s modern world has to offer.

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