2019 Goals, 2018 Appreciations, Disappointments and Celebrate! | The Actors Conference

NOW is the time to focus on writing goals, releasing disappointments and recognizing the stuff I am grateful for.  It’s great to be able to renew.  I started doing this about 7 years ago… and it’s soooo effective.

I’ve kept all my lists from years back, and periodically I go through them to check off the goals that came to fruition.  Sometimes, I revise and release them, not often though. In 2015, at the top of my list was OLIVIA… my youngest daughter.  I knew something was going down with her health and I didn’t know what.  She had been ill for a long time, and as I focused on her and studying chronic ailments, reading about several possibilities, I suspected she had Lyme Disease and had her properly diagnosis.  Long story short, she is in a better place now thanks to a team of health practitioners I put together to help her.  That same year, I also listed “See the Grand Canyon” and “Do a Spartan Race”, “Attend the American Film Market” and “Produce a short film”. Guess what?  It all of it happened that year. CRAZY how this works.

In front of me, I have my 2013 & 2018 GOALS list and my newly written 2019.  I wrote it out last month.

Take 10 minutes for yourself if you haven’t done this yet or ever. Ask for the world… Just write your hearts desire and be truthful to YOU. GO!

Afterwards, take another 5 minutes to write 3 events, people or things you received and appreciate them. Then repeat the process with 3 disappointments, absorb the lesson that needed to be learned, then release the experience so it doesn’t hold too much meaning in your life.

Last, take 2 minutes to think of something you did in 2018 that pleasantly surprise you.  Celebrate YOU. Keep that memory and feeling in your heart.  NOW GO!