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About Us

The Actor’s Conference empowers actors through
skill development events & workshops. Building community,
promoting creative entrepreneurship and networking.

Are you an artist? My art of choice is acting. My passion is creating content that speaks to me. I create media that reflects the truth with my human experience. I want to share my perspective.

For over 20 years pursuing a creative career in acting and producing. Learning to be a self sufficient artist, has been an ongoing journey and challenge. I want to inspire others and honor the artist within us all. I created The Actor’s Conference to bring a whole new perception to the profession of acting and help to propagate economic vitality within our community.

The Actor’s Conference was the creation to serve professional actors. If you’re an actor, you know the struggle in and out. If your not an actor, I invite you to come into the intensity of self reflection, realization and rigorous emotional conditioning that we endure as humans to reflect true human nature in an art form.

I’m an artist. I paint, I write, I dance and I act, I produce in creative ways.

“I’m a true believer that we (artists) can
change the world!

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The Actors Conference

An entertainment industry conference designed for professional and aspiring actors. Announcing our 2019 weekend date and agenda shortly! Empowering actors through skill development classes, educational workshops, community building, industry relations and bridging into technology for a 21st century digital world.