Are you an Entrepreneur… I mean Actorpreneur? | The Actors Conference

“They (actors) have qualities much like entrepreneurs and often speak in the same speech pattern” ~ Kim Parnell 

Kim is an inspiring app builder, entrepreneur and co-founder at Blank in Toronto. She also has a background in acting, producing and filmmaking before going into the Tech Industry.  I had the opportunity to meet her on a Zoom video conference hosted by the BeBold creator and founder Svetlana back in the summer of 2017.  

I’ve always known this about actors.  Many of my actors friends had these unique qualities.  Some actually had started businesses of their own but overall actor skills and ambition are parallel in discipline and courage of a startup founder.  We wear many hats and don’t even realize, and we wonder why it’s so hard? Well, I did, hence my word creation “actorpreneur”. I was tickled when I saw the hashtag pop up on Twitter feeds after I started using it.  I’ve attended many Shark Tank like live events all over Silicon Valley. The approach by founders in their pitches are identical to the audition process. They get up in front of people, crowds, VCs that judge them and their work and let loose.  Embrace the journey. Film was one of the first technologies a century ago. We are the creatives that expand and evolve the entertainment industry.  

Much of the gratification I get is in classes and workshops. I “get to be” surrounded by the great creative energy actors carry.  What an honor it is to be hanging out with you. For that alone, I am thankful…