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Intro to Dialects & Accent Reduction with Bettina Devin

April 24, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In your heart of hearts, have you always wanted to audition for, or play characters who require accents? (New Yawk, Southern U.S., Upper Class British, Cockney, etc.?) But haven’t had the time to really study the disciplines? Or, would you like help minimizing an accent that is not what we think of as “American English” in order to open up your opportunities, whether it be in the acting world or any business that requires speaking English?

  • TIME: 2:00PM-4:00PM
  • FRIDAY DATES: APRIL 24th, MAY 1st, 8th, 15th

Well, now you have no excuse! Bettina Devin is offering this 4-week class series (Each class is 2 hours) to give you a GENERAL introduction to what all this dialect stuff is about.  Digging into language, how it evolved, how social and even climate factors have influenced how we speak is TOTALLY FASCINATING!

Depending on who attends, time will also be devoted to those seeking help with reducing their already intact accents. The use of vowel and consonant changes, diphthongs, and cadence all apply, whether you’re learning to speak like a British Royal, a Cockney street guy, or are looking to minimize your own accent (whether it be Indian, Eastern European, Chinese, French, Israeli, Persian, Brazilian…. You get the idea. )

Please understand there is NO way one can become a dialect expert on any dialect in a mere 4 classes, but this class will get you started with some of the general precepts used by trained actors, when they are called upon to embody a character that calls for an accent unlike their own natural accent. Some are just plain lucky, if they’re born with an extraordinary ear, and can mimic whatever they hear. This class is for everyone else.

Handouts should be emailed to each student before class starts. And don’t worry… you won’t be OVERWHELMED with paperwork. Bettina has scaled this down to be Beginner Friendly.

Bettina Devin’s  students can currently be seen on Broadway (Her longtime singing/acting student, Austin Scott stars as Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” on Broadway), Off Broadway, in starring roles in national commercials, recurring roles in sit-coms (Kristina Ho is a principal (Comic Relief) recurring on the new Power Rangers series), Episodic television, webseries and in principal roles in major feature films, as well as viral music videos (Disney), major brand national print campaigns, and heard on national and regional voiceover campaigns.

Seasoned veteran of Stage, Small & Large Screen, Voiceover and Concerts, Bettina Devin remains a working actress/singer whose students benefit directly from her past and current experience.  Best known for her role as Idina Menzel’s Mom in the film version of the Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Rent” (directed by Chris Columbus), Bettina is a working actress (as well as casting director and producer) in all aspects of the entertainment industry, with in-person classes in Marin and Los Angeles.  She teaches all over the world via the internet.

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April 24, 2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm