Koda Tribe Entertainment | The Actors Conference

I’ve made my own projects, for years I’ve commuted and trained in the LA and bay area, learned to produce, write my own stuff, work the business side of things… and sometimes that didn’t feel so good. I’ve exhausted my family and often my husband’s patiences… but what I learned about myself in the journey makes it all worthwhile. I lost a lot but my “get” was my soul. I didn’t realize that would be the game in this creative business I’m in… I always thought “I just want to be an actress”, “I need to be seen”… and yes, deep down inside, I was searching for myself. Sounds so cliche but who the fuck cares. Many can and will judge, but it was MY journey. I am a creator. I grew to be an entrepreneur. I have plenty to offer…

Last year, Jeanne Young, Lynnalia Wilkes and I met and became good friends. Even better, we saw a future in the bay area for us as artists and entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, we collaborated, as like minds do and worked to form ​Koda Tribe Entertainment​.

We created an LLC and formed a board of advisors, a combination of Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and Entertainment professionals from Hollywood. We partnered with WeXL.org, a nonprofit right here in the bay, several production companies from around the world and many creative artists from across the country. We established the bay area’s first all women founded entertainment company specializing in Executive Producing of independent films and tv series. We launched June13th.

We couldn’t be more proud to put this together. We are doubling down and betting all our chips on the bay area, but we are going GLOBAL. It makes sense. It’s still a long unguaranteed journey but we still feel great about it! Success is only on the horizons if you BELIEVE in it and yourself. We do and grateful to have this opportunity.