Top Goals for 2020 | The Actors Conference

“Goals are dreams brought to consciousness”

When I coached with Kate McGregor Stewart, she always made us (her students) focus on our individual goals in her first class of the year.  No acting assignments just focus on ourselves.  It’s been a habit since.  I’m forever grateful to her and the universe for listening!
Earlier this week I took 10 minutes to write out as much as I could on paper and here are my top goals that really scare me:

1) Run a 50 mile race before my birthday
2) Earn a million dollars ALL BY MYSELF
3) Travel to the Florida Keys & Greece
4) Get down to 22% body fat
5) Exec Produce my very own passion project
6) Launch the next Actors Conference 2.0 in 2020
7) Book a major role in a major motion picture or land a series regular starring at least one of my favorite actors of all time.
8) Work with Cassian Elwes

To help keep me in a state of gratitude and consciousness here’s my review of 2019:

2019 Achievements
Created & founded a company that values creatives and narrative work
Pitched my own company several times
Met several great new business associates
Wrapped my brain around business
Welcomed a new puppy into the family
Achieved an all time best in muscle to fat ratio
Focus on proximity
Conquered some personal fears
Solid confidence
Very very little drinking!
Created a network of strong people, family and friends
Developed more leadership qualities
Learned self value and worth
Good health and well being
My family’s health and well being

2019 Hurdles:
Foresight, expenses, strategy, time management

2019 Let-downs:
Left the company I created
Still reinvesting into my business

Your turn… Set your timer for 10 minutes. Write out everything you want to achieve…